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Knowing Your Options for Home Dialysis Therapy

On The Road to Home is a comprehensive educational program of The Renal Network (ESRD Network 9 and ESRD Network 10) to increase patient referrals to home dialysis therapies.

On The Road To Home is being conducted with a preselected set of dialysis facilities within ESRD Network 9 and ESRD Network 10. However, the following resources can be helpful to ANY dialysis patient who is looking for information on home therapies.
Home Dialysis Therapies include:

Although home dialysis therapy is not right for every dialysis patients, there can be benefits for those who are able, and choose, to go on home dialysis.

Did You Know…
…About 40 to 60% of patients with end-stage renal disease are medically capable of performing home hemodialysis?
…Home dialysis has fewer restrictions and more flexibility?
…Home dialysis patients often find they have more energy, sleep better, and have less nausea?
…Muscle cramps may be reduced through home dialysis.
…Hope dialysis patients are transplanted more often than in-center hemodialysis patients?
…In the 1970s almost 40% of dialysis patients in the United States received treatments at home?
…Today, less than 10 percent of dialysis patients in the United States receive treatment at home?
…In Australia and New Zealand, home hemodialysis is the most common form of dialysis treatment?
As a patient you have the right to know about all of the treatment options available to you. Whether you are a new patient or have been receiving dialysis for some time, please take some time to explore the different treatment options available.

The Renal Network Patient Engagement Learning and Action Network members are inviting all kidney patients, family members and their friends to share their thoughts and provide feedback by completing a brief survey on our treatment options resources. Help us to create resources that best serve your needs.

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See this dialysis patient's interview about his journey to home dialysis.




Patient Resources:
These resources can be answer questions you may have on home dialysis therapy, and help you talk to your dialysis nurses and nephrologist about your home dialysis options. They have been developed by the American Association of Kidney Patients (AAKP) for patient education:

Dialysis While You Sleep – An Alternative Therapy
Food Choices for Home Hemodialysis
Home Dialysis: Together You Can!
Home Hemodialysis Training - What to Expect
Is Home Dialysis An Option For You? Should It Be
Knowing Your Options is Empowering
Nocturnal vs. Peritoneal Dialysis
Peritoneal Dialysis - Safe, and Perhaps Easier Than You Think
Peritoneal Dialysis A – Z: Implant Surgery, Recovery, Training Process and Going Back to Work
Short Daily Home Hemodialysis
The Facts of Peritoneal Dialysis
Understanding the Peritoneal Dialysis Diet
You Have Options


Patient Stories to Share

The following patient stories have been collected by the American Association of Kidney Patients (AAKP) for patient education:

A Patient’s Perspective on Nocturnal Hemodialysis
Going Home - One of the Best Decisions of My Life
Home Dialysis was Right for Me!
Home Hemodialysis Training A Patient Perspective
Living Life on My Terms
Living Life to the Fullest: How Home Hemodialysis Gave Me the Life I Wanted to Live
My Treatment and Why I Chose It
Take Your Life Back - Go Home
The Feeling of Freedom: How Home Hemodialysis and Music Gave Me Back My Life – The David Peterson Story
There's No Place Like Home
Up and Moving Again!
What I Learned from PD


Helpful Websites



Contains: Videos for Patients - Patient Stories - Kidney Disease Education

Home Dialysis Central

Contains: Professional Tools - Patient Stories - Match D - Use this tool to help identify and assess candidates for home dialysis therapies - Articles on many dialysis subjects for patients -
Access to dialysis related videos

Home Dialyzers United

Contains: Educational Articles - Videos for Patients - Presentations for Patients - Patient Tools   

Kidney School

Contains: Patient Education Modules - Examples of how to use Kidney School for professionals to teach patients

Renal Physicians Association (RPA)

Contains: Clinical Practice Guideline on Shared Decision Making

Renal Support Network

Contains: Dialysis Treatment Options Podcasts - Peer Support

Air Travel with Portable Dialysis Machines Made Easier

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Home Dialyzors United (HDU) has been in direct talks with the Department of Transportation since the beginning of 2013 regarding travel with portable dialysis machines on airlines.  Many home dialyzors have had problems traveling with these machine although the Air Carrier Access Act prohibits discrimination based upon a person’s disability.  In the past portable dialysis machines were considered “assistive devices” per the Act (14 CFR Part 382). 
We are grateful the DOT entered into fruitful discussions and has issued the Guidance on Travel with Portable Dialysis Machines.
Please view our announcement on the HDU Website.