Once your kidneys stop working and your doctor decides it is time to start treatment, the two of you will decide which kind of dialysis is best for you. Kidney failure is treated with a special diet, medicines, regular dialysis treatments and, possibly, a kidney transplant. Your treatment is based on factors such as: age, the type of kidney disease, state of health, and lifestyle.

By learning about your treatment, you can work with your health care team to give yourself the best possible results so that you can lead a full, active life.

Another way to treat kidney failure is transplantation. Kidneys are transplanted from persons who have recently died or from living donors. You and your doctor will want to consider many factors before deciding whether or not you would like to receive a transplant.

For more information on treatment options:

Kidney Failure: Choosing a Treatment That's Right for You
Provides an overview of the treatment options including hemodialysis (HD), peritoneal dialysis, and kidney transplantation. Also provides a list of resources for more information.

This information is also available in Spanish:
Insuficiencia renal: Cómo escoger el tratamiento que más le conviene http://kidney.niddk.nih.gov/spanish/pubs/choosingtreatment/index.htm


Last updated on: February 22, 2008