Special Project:

Beneficiary Focused Learning Network


Change Packages

The Technical Expert Panel (TEP) is charged with the following roles and responsibilities.

  • Assist in identification of gaps of Beneficiary knowledge
  • Identify issue area and topics for Change Packages
  • Contribute to the development of each Change Package

Change Concepts, Change Packages, and Resources for Promoting Change

The beneficiary members of the TEP identified what they considered essential elements for creating and disseminating educational materials. These elements evolved into change concepts. These concepts were applied to the development of the change packages.

As part of the first statement of work, CMS had charged the BFLN with developing a change package for anemia management and with identifying another topic for a second change package. Addressing the anemia management change package the beneficiary members of the TEP:

  • identified key component for understanding anemia and managing and monitoring its effects
  • Identifying and selecting existing materials to include in the change package
  • Recommending the development of needed resources

In addition the beneficiary members of the TEP identified topic for a second change package. In the course of these discussions, the beneficiaries identified the need to include certain topics such as communications and patient empowerment as being central to all topics. As a result, materials were identified and selected and made available as resources for promoting change.

All of the recommendations made by the beneficiary members of the TEP were presented, reviewed, discussed and adopted by the entire TEP membership. To provide additional input by beneficiaries especially in the selection of the second change package topic, the BFLN conducted regional focus groups made up of ESRD Network Patient Advisory Council members.



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